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If you are a charity that is in need of a donation then please contact us by completing the online application form below.

The Trust has very stringent criteria as to which charities donations are made to. Generally, the Trust will look to fund specific projects, such as; the construction of a new building, fencing, general decoration, or animal welfare related matters. The Trust generally does not fund ongoing costs, such as; feeding, healthcare, vets bills, and day to day running expenses.

The Trust has no requirements when the donation is being given other than asking that a small plaque is placed somewhere within the charity’s property, acknowledging the fact that a donation has been given by “The Gerrick Rose Animal Trust”.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence and a response will be given generally within two weeks. The trustees may wish to come and visit any charity making an application to satisfy themselves that the monies are to be spent in accordance with not only this charity’s obligations, but the charity making the applications also.

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