Our mission is to keep animals in the UK happy & healthy

Based in Devon, the Gerrick Rose Animal Trust want to provide financial assistance where appropriate and necessary to other charitable organisations within the country whose sole aim is to provide relief from pain and suffering for animals.

We're funded by our extensive property portfolio

All of our funds are self-generated.  We do not collect from the general public, but instead rely on our substantial property portfolio to generate an income which we then distribute to worthy and appropriate charities.

We help animal charities by financing new projects & initiatives

We finance animal charities from monies received from our own resources.  We have provided donations from £50.00 to well over £100,000.00 within the last 6 years.

We have a superb team behind us

The Gerrick Rose Animal Trust has an expert team which consists of property professionals, solicitors, accountants and our board of trustees.  Each of those is committed to working in the best interests at all times of the charity.

Baby Hedgehog Gerrick Rose Animal Trust

What we do…

The Gerrick Rose Animal Trust has provided assistance to the RSPCA, Battersea Dogs’ Home, Blue Cross, Tiggywinkles, Flicka Foundation as well as various other local and national charities.  Assistance has been provided either by cash donations or funding specific projects which we have worked together with other charities to provide either to increase their income stream, such as the Flicka Foundation by assisting with the purchase of a new visitor’s centre, or directly benefiting animals where we have funded kennels for both the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs’ Home.

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donated to animal charities in the past 5 years

Who we are…

We are a Charitable Trust that is also a limited company.  The Gerrick Rose Animal Trust is run by a Board of Trustees who meet quarterly.  The trustees each have their own tasks within the charity.  When the trustees meet, applications from other charities that are received on a quarterly basis are reviewed and quite often the applying charities are visited by one or more of the trustees with a view to deciding whether or not a donation should be made.  Quite often donations are made that are far in excess of the amount that is actually sought.

Baby donkey Gerrick Rose Animal Trust

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