What do we do?

The Gerrick Rose Animal Trust is dedicated to providing relief from pain and suffering for animals throughout the South West of England and nationally, by funding animal charities with new projects and initiatives. We are a self-funded charity in that we have a number of properties that provide rental income and that rental income is used to make direct donations to other charities.

Examples of funding have been to both large and small charities such as Battersea Dogs’ Home and the RSPCA as well as a number of local charities whose resources and ability to obtain funds do not match those of the bigger ones. Large or small we will always look to assist where possible.

Figures show that Devon had the highest number of RSPCA rescues and collections in 2015.
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Who was Mrs Gerrick?

Doris May Rose Gerrick for much of her life lived in London and then in the early 1960s, with the benefit of a substantial property portfolio that she left behind in Harrow, moved to Cornwall. She spent many years living in St Austell and had a lovely house overlooking Carlyon Bay. She retained her London portfolio which gave her an income until she died at the grand old age of 98.

When she died she left a large proportion of her Estate to her solicitor, accountant and housekeeper with the specific task for them to set up the Gerrick Rose Animal Trust for which the monies that she had left would be used for funding animal charities. She was an animal lover and had herself a number of dogs and at one time had a small farm down at the Lizard.

We have helped a vast number of other charities over the past 8 years to keep animals healthy and happy.

The Team

  • Tony Cusack
    Tony Cusack

    Tony is a partner with GA Solicitors in Plymouth. He was one of the initial founding trustees of The Gerrick Rose Animal Trust.

  • Jean Knuckey
    Jean Knuckey

    Jean was Doris’ friend for very many years. They formed an inseparable bond. Jean was one of the original trustees.

  • Cheryl Thomas
    Cheryl Thomas

    Cheryl is Jean’s daughter and knew Doris from a very early age spending much of her childhood round at her house at Carlyon Bay overlooking the sea..

The Gerrick Rose Animal Trust is assisted by a team of advisers.

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